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We start on July 17!








A journey into your wild creative expression & embodiment

We start on July 17!

Creativity is the language of the soul


I know the feeling of having so much creativity within and not knowing how to get it out, not knowing if it can be trusted, not knowing how to make sense of it, and not knowing how to make money from it.

In the past, sacred gifts of insight, vision and intuition were threatening on a survival level. Creative Spirits had to hide, and keep their natural instincts deeply buried.

That belief is still alive today.

So, we keep our big visions hidden away. We suppress our creativity, keep ourselves in scarcity, do work we don’t enjoy and spend our lives with people we don’t love. And we struggle as our minds continue to believe these old ideas.

But the soul knows better.

The soul knows what needs to be healed and how to heal it. It knows how to thaw the frozen parts where your creative magic is locked away.

And if you tune in, it will tell you your life’s purpose.

Your soul will tell you where you need to go and what you need to do, but you have to speak its language.

Creativity is the language of the soul.

Creativity isn’t a hobby—it’s an essential practice for your health, vibrancy and success.

I’d like to introduce you to the Soul Art® Certification: a creative, spiritual journey that guides you deep within to find your inner trust, courage, intuition, and your wild, fierce expression.

Imagine your life as an empowered Creative Spirit. Through the Soul Art® Certification. Let’s make it your reality!

Laura Hollick
Creator of Soul Art® & the Soul Art® Certification

Take Flight with the Soul Art Certification

How does the Soul Art® Certification work?

Cultivate your unique artistry and learn a proven process for healing and transformation.

Within the Soul Art Certification, you’ll learn to liberate your unique creative expression and how to guide others using the Soul Art® method.

There are 10 online video modules in the Soul Art® Certification. Each module includes an assignment to integrate the teachings.

You’ll receive loving, personalized feedback on each of your assignments.

You work at your own pace. You could complete the entire certification in 10 weeks, but you have a full year to luxuriate in the process.


This year’s Soul Art Certification starts on July 17

Come home to yourself…

Make Art

Your creative expression is your soul’s medicine

When you make art, you let creative life-force energy move through you, and you make space for your soul to breathe and be present in your life. Making art gives you a direct line to your true self.

In the Soul Art Certification, you’ll learn how to access your true soul’s expression and cultivate the courage and confidence to be fully expressed.

This is where original art comes from!


Healing is natural when you have the right medicine.

Your soul expression is your healer. When you create Soul Art, you cleanse yourself with your true self.

The Soul Art Certification starts with your own journey to connect with your true self and heal the deeper wounds that go undetected in the doctors office.

As you let your soul express through you, you heal on the deeper levels of your being. Your own wisdom is illuminated and your thriving path becomes clear.  

Guide Journeys

Empower your creative spiritual leadership.

Guiding Soul Art journeys gives you a map to lead people with clarity and confidence into the potency of their own soul.

Whether you have a pre-existing practice as an Art Therapist, Yoga Teacher,  Body Worker, Coach, Healer, Shaman, or you want to start a fresh career as a Soul Art Guide, the Soul Art Certification will give that extra layer of depth to go deep with people. 

Give yourself permission to be who you came here to be


Find out what your full creative expression and embodiment looks and feels like. The Soul Art® Certification takes you on a transformational journey to:



Discover your uniqueness. Discover who you came here to be. Discover your soul language and the ways your soul wants you to express yourself in the world.



Unleash your pure creative expression. Feel the pure creative-life-force energy flowing through your body and your life.



Art is medicine. Experience the healing power of creativity. Heal your deep wounds so you can uncover your true beauty and bounty with grace and ease.



Feel your full creative power in your life. Unify your inner and outer worlds to mirror your truth. Be the beauty that you are!



Be an inspiration! As you express and embody your unique Creative Spirit your very presence becomes an inspiration to others.

Soul Art is like having your soul as a mentor, guiding you to your best life ever!

Imagine what your life will look like as you claim the deep wisdom and brilliance of your Creative Spirit!


Everyone has a journey to find their way home to their Creative Spirit, and to learn to trust the impulse and wisdom within.

There are obstacles, fears, doubts and challenges along the way. But, what makes life interesting is being willing to move through our fears so we can discover a new expression of ourselves in the process.

Experience the transformational power of the Soul Art Certification

Transformational Soul Art Stories reveal stunning changes for these remarkable women


The lives of Certified Soul Art Guides are full of remarkable transformations brought about by their work with Soul Art. Here are just a few!

Dechen Kata transformed her inner critic into courage to claim her dream job! See how the Soul Art Certification awakened her artistic abundance and the clarity to pursue a dream of leading creative spiritual retreats.

Antoinette Bishop channeled her dormant artistic dreams into a vibrant reality, becoming an internationally celebrated artist! Discover how the Soul Art Certification re-ignited her creative spark and gave her the tools to share her art with the world.

Yennis Mak transformed her shyness into embodied beauty.

Janine Landtwing transformed deep feelings of being lost and lonely to starting her own Global Art Movement!

Nina Berzbach transformed her depression into divine inspiration!

Marcella Nordbeck-Richardson transformed unprocessed wounds into empowered creative expression.

Christina Szegedi transformed from being a dance teacher to claiming her own path as an artist and starting her own dance company that performs internationally.

Janice Chong found freedom in her expression after being in a job with lots of rules.

Jennifer Blumenthal transformed years of stuck energy into wild creative flow and business clarity! Despite having only taken one art class in 6th grade, the Soul Art Certification unlocked her inner artist and meaningful purpose. Now, her art guides her life and business in powerful ways.​

What kind of transformations can you expect from the Soul Art Certification?


The Soul Art® Certification can support massive shifts and profound breakthroughs in your life, relationships, and career. These are some of the transformations that are possible through the Soul Art® Certification.

Soul Art changes lives!

The value of Soul Art is immeasurable. It takes a person from a place of blending in and doing what “should” be done or what’s safe to a place of true inner connection and confidence to be able to fully pursue their passions and deeper desires. This leads to living an intentional creative life of authenticity, enjoyment, and self-care.

Sara Amarie

Laura Hollick’s Soul Art process is a wonderful method that blends creative expression, art, personal self-growth, intuition, spirituality and deep inner work.

Christina Szegedi

Soul Art is something that I use through my business to ground in new levels of growth, over and over again.

Tara Preston

It was the best decision in my life to join the Soul Art Certification. Until then I thought I was a creative, artistic person. Now I know I am a Soul Artist and I am capable of creating the life I desire!

Nina Berzbach

I started including Soul Art journeys in the coaching and healing work that I do with clients, and it always opens up space for them to shift which starts to create the movement and momentum in their lives that they need for their own healing.

Jennifer Blumenthal

Laura Hollick is an incredible inspirational space holder for huge healing processes individually and collectively. In her clarity and loving presence she facilitates immense shifts of consciousness in a most creative and joyful way. Bowing to her and Soul Art in deep gratitude.

Janine Landtwing

Bonuses included with the Soul Art Certification

1-Year Membership to Soul Art School

(Value: $1,997)


Soul Art School is known as Unicorn University as it is the place where you get to cultivate your unique creative magic.

Soul Art School is the sacred space to learn and grow into the embodied expression of your dreams on the planet.

Access to over 50 powerful Soul Art rituals


You’ll also receive access to our robust Library of rituals and workshops filled with inspirational sparks, transformational guidance, and life-changing creative practices to give you the wings to leap into the next level of your thriving life!

Online Soul Art Workshops


You’ll also enjoy access to special online workshops, guided by Laura Hollick.

Each workshop takes you on a deep dive into a specific topic. You can devote a day or weekend to these online workshop retreats whenever inspiration calls!

How to make 6 Figures as a Soul Art Guide

Connect with our Creative Community


Soul Art School is a private Facebook Group that connects Creative Spirits who are passionate about creativity and  committed to their soul path.


  • Connect with your fellow Soul Artists, Soul Art Guides, and members of Soul Art School
  • A safe space to share your art and creative process and be seen with love
  • Build lifetime friendships with other like-minded souls from around the world

The 11-Day Creativity Journal


Supercharge your creativity with this guided daily practice

  • Learn how to tone and train your creativity muscles
  • Clear creativity blocks and liberate your divine flow
  • A sacred space for you to express, explore, heal, unwind and imagine

Download it immediately upon registering to activate and awaken your creative fertility. Reprint any time you want a creativity boost!

Soul Art Certification

2024 Soul Art Certification starts July 17

Soul Art Certification Level 1 Bodymapping includes:


  • Online Soul Art® Certification training program
  • 10 Soul Art® training videos with assignments
  • Personalized feedback on your assignments
  • Access to private Soul Art® School Facebook community
  • Monthly Live Ritual and Q&A Call
  • 1-Year access to Soul Art Certification
  • 1-Year Membership to Soul Art School, including all rituals and workshops
  • 11-Day Creativity Journal
  • Soul Art® certificate upon completing final exam

We start on July 17!

Payment Plan

12 monthly payments of



Pay in Full

Save $567 by making a single payment of



All pricing is in USD. Canadian residents are subject to 13% HST.

“Signing up for the Soul Art Certification was the best decision I ever made!”

Harma Margrieta

Soul Art shakes your cosmic pom poms!

Durga Holzhauser

The Soul Art process has helped me to heal old patterns while creating new ones and to clearly see my path forward in this life.

Antoinette Bishop

Soul Art Journeys are in my mind a wonderful way to move forward and closer to your dreams.

Anita Josephine Wales

Best decision I ever made. Saying Yes was saying yes to choosing me . Saying yes to BEing the key that opened a door to my deepest desires and truest expression.

Suzanne Cleveland Armstrong

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Soul Art?
Soul Art is a unique creative approach to making art and living life.

Soul Art is about seeing life through the eyes of your spirit and cultivating your ability to create your dreams as your reality.

Soul Art guides us to use art and creativity as a way to channel messages and insights from spirit.

Each piece of Soul Art is a sacred talisman for healing and transformation.

What is a Soul Artist?
A Soul Artist is one who creates art that expresses their spirit.

A Soul Artist creates art by allowing their unique energy to be expressed through various mediums. Their art becomes their practice of communing with the divine.

A Soul Artist approaches their whole life as art and considers each act as an opportunity for pure inspiration and expression. From the way they eat, dress, interact and structure their day, all become ways to paint the canvas of their life. Their life is their Soul’s Art. The practice of making art is a practice of cultivating their creative spiritual embodiment.

What is a Soul Art Guide?
A Soul Art Guide guides, leads and inspires others to create their life as art.

A Soul Art Guide is one who has traveled through their own journey, healing and layers of initiation to be in the position to hold space for others to go through their own transformational journey.

A Soul Art Guide has embodied experience, wisdom and understanding of the practice of Soul Art.

What are the benefits of Soul Art?
The benefits of Soul Art are unlimited!  Here are some of the benefits that are regularly reported by other Soul Artists, Soul Art Guides and clients:

  • Pure inspiration
  • Creative flow
  • Creative confidence
  • Creative courage
  • Clarity on life path & purpose
  • Clarity on unique artistic style
  • Intuition amplification
  • Deep soul level healing
  • Divine downloads
  • Embodied wisdom
  • Crystal clear insights
  • Gracefully shifting through old patterns & beliefs
  • Naturally letting go of old ways of being
  • Reliable inner guidance
  • Spiritual connection & communion
  • Increased sense of love
  • Increased sense of peace
  • Increased sense of health & well being
  • Increased sense of love for others
  • Release of self-hate & punishment
  • Direct access to spiritual guidance
  • Empowerment
  • Realizing you have access to your own wisdom & guidance
  • Increased sense of joy
  • Healing old childhood wounds
  • Unleashing the love and joy of the inner child
  • Finding & claiming your original voice
  • Owning your power as an artist
  • Feeling worthy of realizing your dreams
  • Increased sense of freedom
  • Believing in Self
  • Loving Self

There are many more benefits. Please refer to the “What people are saying” section to hear how Soul Art has transformed people’s lives.

Do I need art experience to do Soul Art?
You do not need art experience to do Soul Art. All you need is the desire to connect with your spirit and express yourself.

Soul Art is not a technique based art form. There are people who practice Soul Art who are master level Artists and there are people who practice Soul Art who are intimidated by creative expression.

When working with the Soul Art Certification program, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of art mediums and methods to find your own unique style. You will also be guided to develop the confidence to be an artist in a way that matches your soul, whatever level of experience you have. Of course, your art experience will exponentially expand through the innovative practice of Soul Art. Get ready for an amazing artistic adventure!

I'm already a professional artist. Is Soul Art too basic?
Soul Art is about expressing your spirit to the highest degree of mastery.

Each artist in the Soul Art Certification program will be working to elevate their own creative spiritual expression to its next highest level. Each person starts where they are and grows, deepens and expands from that platform.

As a professional artist, you will certainly have a wealth of tools, techniques and experience to draw from.  This program is for you if you want to take your art to the next level beyond where you are currently working.  The common baseline for everyone in the program is the desire to realize their fullest creative spiritual potential.

I have been a professional artist for over 20 years and continue to practice Soul Art as a way to master my medicine.

How long does the Certification program take?
You could complete the Soul Art Certification® in as little as 10 weeks, or take up to a year to finish the classes. The Soul Art Certification program is designed so you can work at your own pace.  Some people move through the classes swiftly while others like to ponder and take their time. You are encouraged to go at your own pace so you can get to know the unique rhythm of your soul.
How do I make money as a Soul Art Guide?
Being a Soul Art Guide is a powerful career path! Each Level in the Certification opens you to different income opportunities. All the levels prepare you to make money by offering private Soul Art sessions, intensives, workshops, group programs and retreats.

100% of Certified Soul Art Guides have made money.

One of the assignments includes making money as a Soul Art Guide. You will go through your own money healing process to ensure that you can make money as a Soul Art Guide.

* We have also added a Bonus Business Training called: How to Create 6 Figures as a Soul Art Guide *

In this bonus training you’ll learn the structures and systems for making clear offers to clients and how to price your creative spiritual journeys.

How do I get support during the program?
The Soul Art Certification program is an innovative training experience. The program is delivered online through a private password-protected website. You will have access to all the training videos, worksheets, journals, and examples to support you while you work at your own pace. You will receive weekly emails to keep your energy on track and flowing through your journey.

All assignments are submitted for review and personalized feedback is offered on each assignment. There are also monthly live Q&A calls for extra support. You’ll also have access to an incredible global community of Soul Artists and Soul Art Guides in our private Facebook group. Within this creative spiritual community, you’ll find loving support and encouragement. Many incredible friendships have blossomed through this program.

What can I expect from the Soul Art Certification program?
The Soul Art Certification program is a game-changer. Your life will transform in the most magical ways. Here is a list of things you can expect to experience through this program:

  • Creative flow and empowerment
  • Spiritual connection
  • Ability to access divine wisdom and insights
  • Deep spiritual healing
  • Deeper alignment with your true path & purpose
  • Harmonization with your soul’s purpose
  • Freedom to be the artist you dream of being

Here are logistical things you can expect through this program:

  • Inspiring assignments to embody the teachings and unleash your creative spirit
  • A loving, encouraging environment to learn
  • Virtual training material including videos, worksheets, journals and a gallery of examples
  • Personalized feedback on assignments
  • Monthly live group Q&A calls for support
  • Private Facebook group for connecting with other Soul Artists and Soul Art Guides
  • Weekly emails to keep the momentum going
  • A sacred space to cultivate your Soul’s Art!
What do I get as a Certified Soul Art Guide?
Going through the Soul Art Certification program gives you the profound experience of unleashing your true creative expression and building a career that guides and inspires others.

As a Certified Soul Art Guide you will receive a certificate for successfully completing your final exam.

As a Soul Art Guide you have the opportunity to create a thriving life and career as a creative spiritual guide while also developing your own art for exhibitions and global contribution.

What happens once I'm certified?
When you sign up for the Soul Art® Certification, you have a full year to complete your studies. At the end of the year, you will be invited to continue with Soul Art Certification Lifetime Access for $497. Lifetime Access allows you to continue practicing Soul Art professionally, as well as gives you access to ongoing trainings, Q&A calls, and our global community of Soul Artists and Soul Art Guides in our private Facebook group.

Being part of growing global community of creative spirits is a fertile garden for magical friendships, professional partnerships and soul nourishing joy.

What industry leaders are saying…

Laüra is an exceptional visionary, shamanic healer and inspirational leader through art who has a deep connection to the Divine and spirit guides. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Laüra will be touched by her magic and transformed by her gifts and teachings.


Incan Priestess

Laura Hollick is on the leading edge of women claiming their power as creators. I love her spirit, her artwork, her message, and everything she embodies with her work. She’s a huge inspiration, and such an important luminary at this time.

Jen Mazer

Queen of Manifestation

Laura Hollick is a visionary who has created an amazing magical space where we can come together, globally, as a collective.

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Energy Healing Artist

One of the many things I admire about my creative cohort Laura Hollick is that she truly embodies her life and work as art. Her creativity and vision ooze out of everything she produces and she’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. If I ever need a dose of pure inspiration, there’s no doubt in my mind that Laura has something magical up her sleeve that will get my creative juices flowing.

Jennifer Lee

Author of The Right Brain Business Plan

Laura inspires full self expression and leadership in creativity and abundance.

Melissa D'Antoni

Founder of Fire Tree Studios

Laura Hollick’s passion for connecting each of us to our own Soul Art is contagious and inspiring. She brings her full rainbow palette into everything she creates and our world is a better place for it.

Whitney Freya

Creator of Creatively Fit Coaches

Laura Hollick is a legend who continues to surprise and delight me. She has become the art itself. I think Laura does this with her body as the canvas and her soul as the Muse guiding each feather or ribbon into place.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Founder of Intentional Creativity

Laura Hollick is a magical creative force. An art priestess. A spiritual warrior. Both beautiful and kind. And wildly inspirational. She IS the definition of a Soulful Creator. And has made it her life’s work to remind everyone on the planet that they are soulful creators too.

Chris Zydel

Creative Juices Arts

Laura Hollick is a guiding light and powerful example for all creatives who are on a journey to embody their deepest truth in their life and in their work.

Devon Walz

Abstract Artist

 About Laura Hollick


Laura Hollick is the creator of  the Soul Art® Certification. She is an Award-winning Artist and Visionary Guide. She studied at the Dundas Valley School of Art, and has a Fine Arts Degree from McMaster University.

Laura’s art and insights inspire people are the world with her own art and globlal art events like International Soul Art Day, Yoni Art Fest, nü Icon, and the Global Vision Quest.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life – Laura Hollick.’ She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle.’ Laura recently gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.”


“I believe the world is calling for artists to step up and claim their power as creators. Art is the bridge to a nü reality. “

Be who you came here to be

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