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Soul Art changes lives…

The Soul Art Certification is an online training program that guides you to liberate your unique creative expression and teaches you how to guide others using the Soul Art® method.

The value of Soul Art is immeasurable. It takes a person from a place of blending in and doing what “should” be done or what’s safe to a place of true inner connection and confidence to be able to fully pursue their passions and deeper desires. This leads to living an intentional creative life of authenticity, enjoyment, and self-care.

Sara Amarie

Laüra Hollick’s Soul Art process is a wonderful method that blends creative expression, art, personal self-growth, intuition, spirituality and deep inner work.

Christina Szegedi

Soul Art is something that I use through my business to ground in new levels of growth, over and over again.

Tara Preston

It was the best decision in my life to join the Soul Art Certification. Until then I thought I was a creative, artistic person. Now I know I am a Soul Artist and I am capable of creating the life I desire!

Nina Berzbach

I started including Soul Art journeys in the coaching and healing work that I do with clients, and it always opens up space for them to shift which starts to create the movement and momentum in their lives that they need for their own healing.

Jennifer Blumenthal

Laüra Hollick is an incredible inspirational space holder for huge healing processes individually and collectively. In her clarity and loving presence she facilitates immense shifts of consciousness in a most creative and joyful way. Bowing to her and Soul Art in deep gratitude.

Janine Landtwing

“Signing up for the Soul Art Certification was the best decision I ever made!”

Harma Margrieta

Soul Art shakes your cosmic pom poms!

Durga Holzhauser

The Soul Art process has helped me to heal old patterns while creating new ones and to clearly see my path forward in this life.

Antoinette Bishop

Soul Art Journeys are in my mind a wonderful way to move forward and closer to your dreams.

Anita Josephine Wales

Best decision I ever made. Saying Yes was saying yes to choosing me . Saying yes to BEing the key that opened a door to my deepest desires and truest expression.

Suzanne Cleveland Armstrong

What industry leaders are saying…

Laüra is an exceptional visionary, shamanic healer and inspirational leader through art who has a deep connection to the Divine and spirit guides. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Laüra will be touched by her magic and transformed by her gifts and teachings.


Incan Priestess

Laüra Hollick is on the leading edge of women claiming their power as creators. I love her spirit, her artwork, her message, and everything she embodies with her work. She’s a huge inspiration, and such an important luminary at this time.

Jen Mazer

Queen of Manifestation

Laüra Hollick is a visionary who has created an amazing magical space where we can come together, globally, as a collective.

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Energy Healing Artist

One of the many things I admire about my creative cohort Laüra Hollick is that she truly embodies her life and work as art. Her creativity and vision ooze out of everything she produces and she’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. If I ever need a dose of pure inspiration, there’s no doubt in my mind that Laura has something magical up her sleeve that will get my creative juices flowing.

Jennifer Lee

Author of The Right Brain Business Plan

Laura inspires full self expression and leadership in creativity and abundance.

Melissa D'Antoni

Founder of Fire Tree Studios

Laüra Hollick’s passion for connecting each of us to our own Soul Art is contagious and inspiring. She brings her full rainbow palette into everything she creates and our world is a better place for it.

Whitney Freya

Creator of Creatively Fit Coaches

Laüra Hollick is a legend who continues to surprise and delight me. She has become the art itself. I think Laura does this with her body as the canvas and her soul as the Muse guiding each feather or ribbon into place.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Founder of Intentional Creativity

Laüra Hollick is a magical creative force. An art priestess. A spiritual warrior. Both beautiful and kind. And wildly inspirational. She IS the definition of a Soulful Creator. And has made it her life’s work to remind everyone on the planet that they are soulful creators too.

Chris Zydel

Creative Juices Arts

Laüra Hollick is a guiding light and powerful example for all creatives who are on a journey to embody their deepest truth in their life and in their work.

Devon Walz

Abstract Artist

 About Laüra Hollick


Laüra Hollick is the creator of  the Soul Art® Certification. She is an Award-winning Artist and Visionary Guide. She studied at the Dundas Valley School of Art, and has a Fine Arts Degree from McMaster University.

Laura’s art and insights inspire people are the world with her own art and globlal art events like International Soul Art Day, Yoni Art Fest, nü Icon, and the Global Vision Quest.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laüra’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life – Laüra Hollick.’ She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle.’ Laüra recently gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.”


“I believe the world is calling for artists to step up and claim their power as creators. Art is the bridge to a nü reality. “

Be who you came here to be

Get on the priority list to be notified when registration re-opens!

*You'll also receive inspirational updates from Soul Art Studio. Your email will never be shared, sold or rented. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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